Challenge #5 (Post 1)

Why do we use images on our blog and how do they improve our blog?

Well I’ll tell you, we use images to make blogs more appealing to people it also helps people that don’t know what you are talking about so they can just simply look at the image and they’ll understand. Images make your posts look better as it is boring with just a page of writing but with an image it will make more people want to read it.

So after reading this post I hope it will encourage you to put images on your post.

Challenge #6

This a serve I would like you to do all you have to do is; Think of your favourite thing about going on holidays, see if it is the Poll Daddy and if it is click it, if the things on there don’t appeal to you click other, then see the results and see what other people like about the holidays.

So what do you like about the holidays?

Thankyou for giving your opinion.

Challenge #3

Where I live. I live in a beautiful place called Port Stephens which is in NSW Australia. In Port Stephens there is many wonderful beaches and tourist attractions. The number 1 tourist attraction is Nelson bay Marina, this is a marina over looking the lovely water with many boats, there is also many shops and stores. Port Stephens has many places like Shoal bay, Nelson bay, Soldiers Point, Salamander Bay, Anna Bay, Tomaree, Boat Harbour, Corlette, Fingal Bay and Fly Point.

One of my favourite thiongs to do in Port Stephens is swim in the crystal clear water. Here are some pictures to show you the wonderful place I live in.

 Photo by                                Photo by

Now you know a bit about where I live. Where do you live and do you like where you live? What do you do for enjoyment where you live?

Challenge #2

When I think it is appropriate to put photos on your blog.

I think you should be 12 and have permission from your parents. If you are allowed to put a photo on your blog do NOT write your name near it or any personal information. If you do it could be very dangerous also don’t put pictures of others without there permission.

In conclusion I think you should get permission and be at least 12 to put a picture of you on your blog.

Challenge #1

I am in the September Student Blog Challenge and well I think that all of the people and classes participating should definitely visit and comment on my blog.

My first reason is that I have around 15 posts everybody can enjoy. I have them about Luna Park, the school fete and lots more. I also have a page that is all about me so you can learn all of the things I have done and what Ienjoy and I have a pet cat on my blog that you can play with and feed for your enjoyment.

My next reason is that my blog has a link to my class blog that you can look at which also has a lot of posts and links to others students in my class.

I know that everybody enjoys getting comments and this brings me to my third and final reason. If you visit my blog and comment on it I will comment on yours.

Anyway I know that I have convinced you to look on my blog because you are reading this post. If I could talk all day about why you should visit my blog I would but I have to go now. So keep on reading all of my posts and I guarantee that you’ll enjoy them.

Our School Fete

On the Saturday the 11th of September Soldiers Point Public School (SPPS) held a fete for anybody to go to. The fete was a great success and it took about 3/4 of a year to organise! I enjoyed the fete as it was the first one in 10 years. It had alot of rides, stalls and performances for everyone to enjoy. I liked the flying chairs, the jumping castle, the showbags, the fairy floss, the performances and the tombola jar stall. I had alot of fun walking around with my friends and going on the rides with them. I had fun performing in the senior dance group and the senior choir. My favourite ride was the flying chairs because when everyone was spinning around at the same time in there chair your chair span around as well in smaller circles. But your chair didn’t have to spin you could make your chair spin when and if you wanted to. I had alot of fun at the school fete and it would be great if there was another one soon!!

Why my dad should win Father of the Year

To win  father of the year you need to be a nice dad, kind and give up your time for others. Help your family and friends by cooking, cleaning and just hanging out with them also being positive about everything helps. I know one person in the world that can do that and that is my dad, Darryn Malsem.

My dad is very nice and kind. He cooks the nicest meals and does the dishes and the washing. He does everything for me, my sister and my mum. He also gives up all of his time and goes out of his way to do things for us.

He is very nice not just to my family but to his friends as well. He lets them use his things and always enjoy hanging out with them.

My dad also has a great sense of humour and loves to tell jokes, (sometimes they are funny but he repeats them so much and it isn’t very funny anymore).

He also is very positive about everything. He always looks on the bright side and tells alot of jokes and you cant tell when he is being serious or not. He is a great role model and is good at keeping secrets.

So now you know when you are voting for father of the year if you don’t have a good relationship with your dad you should vote for mine. I know everyone says that there dad is the best but I know mine is really the best!!

My Favourite Website

This week Mrs Cliff asked us to write a post about our favouite website. I was thinking about what website I could do and what I use the most and then it came to me, google!! You might be thinking, but google is just a page that you type in what you want and it will come up, and you are right. Google is one of the most used sights around the world. On google you can look up  anything and find it out (for example, to get to my website I used google.) On google you can look up just about anything, you can use it for projects/assignments, for finding pictures, researching animals, plants/flowers or even just if you just want to know something, you can find it on google.

Google isn’t just a search engine there is google images, google maps, google videos, google news, google books, and more. 

Google is an interesting site that you can find anything on, now you know how much you can find on google you can use it for projects and to find things out aswell.

Netball Grand Final

This year I have been playing netball in a team called the Tic Tacs. We have been playing together for about 4 years now but for 2 years we were called the Crazy Babies. So far this year my team is undefeated! Our 2 best scores are 52-0 against the Lillies and 57-5 against the MNM’s! We have the grand final coming up soon but first we have to verse the Jimmy Jams (which is the hardest team for us). The first time we played them it was 17-16, the second time it was 11-9 and the third time it was 17-15 (I think). The team that loses out of that game has to verse a team called the Mermaids and the winner out of that has to verse the the winner of the game against my team and the Jimmy Jams in the grand final. I think it will be out of my team and the Jimmy Jams in the grand final but anything could happen. Last year we got into to the grand final and won!

I have enjoyed playing netball this year and would like to continue playing it in the future.


From the 21st until the 23rd of July stage 3 from Soldiers Point Public School went to Dora Creek to have a fun three days and I am going to tell you about the best thing we did there. The best thing in my opinion was the giant swing. The giant swing was so much fun! It is like an average park swing but it is 16m up in the air. When you are ready you pull on a rope with a green ball on the end and it will disconnect you from another rope which makes you swing back and forth. If I could go on the giant swing for an hour I probably would. It looks scary at first but it isn’t. It is safe and fun. If you are ever lucky enough to go to Dora Creek make sure you go on the giant swing!!

Here is a link to the Dora Creek camp website if you are interested.